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Paula gave her husband John a wave as she pulled the vehicle out with the driveway, blowing a kiss for excellent measure prior to checking her watch and giving her hairy pussy models a little touch. It was a good two and a half hour drive to the hotel exactly where the teacher’s conference was getting held, and Paula knew she would must step on it to produce it on time to register.

With their girls being older, it was considerably easier on John for her to attend these sessions now, which were necessary for Paula to maintain her teaching credentials. Fortunately she only had to endure it every 4 or five years, and in a way Paula was looking forward to it this time. Using the girls in their late teens they didn’t much want Mom around the home anyway. As for John, most likely he would be playing about on the personal computer much in the time anyway.

Paula got for the hotel in Oxford with about 20 minutes to spare and had just enough time to register and come across her way to the conference space exactly where the introductory session was becoming held. She saw a few somewhat familiar faces but no one she knew well so she settled for a seat off towards the side from the space and tried to stay awake by means of an hour of boring speeches, asking yourself if she must masturbate her hairy pussy.

In the end from the presentation, Paula was shaken out of her boredom when the speaker introduced a man who will be directing the rest with the session. An imposing hunting man in both appearance and gait strode as much as the podium and surveyed the space before speaking. Although it had been about 20 years, Paula recognized the man immediately, and she sat up straight in her seat as a reflex action in memory of earlier days.

Professor Wright. Mr. Wright, Paula’s favored instructor from her initial year at the university. His familiar booming bass voice filled the room and Paula’s ears, and he spoke so forcefully and dynamically that the microphone was soon discarded as becoming unnecessary.

Paula tried to create eye make contact with with Mr. Wright, but his eyes were moving around the room quickly, keeping everyone on the edges of their seats, almost daring them to not pay attention. It was his style, and Paula noted that it was nonetheless operating nicely on her, despite the fact that she was no longer the shy and awkward student she had been when she had last heard him speak. Oh how she wanted to give him a peek at her attractive hairy pussy. What a dream.